Information will set you free

Wales is ruled by a Westminster elite; a nexus of media, business, financial and political interests, which has no interest in educating our people. Quite the opposite. The UK state exists to enrich a handful of individuals at the expense of those who resist most weakly. The Welsh being close to the top of the list.

The most-read newspaper in Wales is the Daily Mail, a vicious right-wing propaganda rag which campaigns against the poor, the marginalised, the weak, and supports efforts to increase the power and wealth of those who already have it.

The BBC is spineless, right-wing and completely cowed by self-censorship and constitutional structures which continually reinforce the supposed importance and validity of viewpoints supporting the monarchy, big business and the free market.

Hundreds of thousands of web hits a month make sites like 'Wings' a powerful force in the media

Hundreds of thousands of web hits a month make sites like ‘Wings’ a powerful force in the media

The Scottish Referendum was a wonderful shared experience for tens of thousands of visitors, and the millions of people who live in Scotland. It has caused a cultural and social re-awakening, and reignited the long-forgotten art of genuine public political discourse. It has created a thousand blooming flowers discussing forensically the injustice of rule from Westminster, and (in particular) ‘Scottish’ Labour’s craven attempts to lie their way back into power.

We in Wales lag sadly behind. An enfeebled media, a small band of dedicated bloggers.

We need to produce our own forms of information, and disregard the others. Here’s a handy infographic (beta) which is our attempt to help guide the people of Wales to alternate sources. Please feel free to point me in the direction of anyone else who publishes regularly that I’ve missed.

Arm Yourselves


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